From basics to advanced, whether you want to crack into the industry,
improve the skills of your staff or give a gift to a friend, specialised espresso
training is a great skill to have and a fun way to spend an evening.

All training is done on a La Marzocco Linea with Mazzer electronic grinders.
Nothing but the best!

£50 two hour espresso session
{gift vouchers available}
Great to be included with some of the UK's coffee heavyweights

Its taken a while but we finally have the beginnings of an online shop.
We will be adding new items over the coming weeks but at the moment
you can buy gift vouchers, coffee equipment and cakes with ease.

Shop Here >>>

Great little Kitty cake hand crafted by Kat
Great evening of live electro with Lumbers {Wes} and
Winston & Goldstein {Queline} at Mr Wolfe!

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